Topic outline

  • 8.5 Training in Safeguarding Adults: Information for Staff

    It is important that each agency or organisation ensures it has a Workforce Development Plan that includes appropriate competencies of staff and volunteers in relation to Safeguarding Adults work. Staff will be required to attain different competencies depending on whether, for example, they are frontline staff or managers, but it is imperative that agencies ensure all staff are able to recognise abuse and neglect and know how to respond to it in a timely and effective manner.

    Sunderland's Safeguarding Adults Executive Board has agreed to collectively implement a Multi-Agency Training Strategy which provides the framework within which multi-agency safeguarding adults training is provided within Sunderland.  Each partner agency has agreed to ensure that all relevant staff and volunteers receive Safeguarding Adults training at the level appropriate to their role.

    The planning and development of training is seen as a shared responsibility across all partner agencies, and is part of the remit of the Learning & Improvement in Practice Sub Committee. 

    The Board oversees the commissioning of a Programme of Multi-Agency Training covering all of the levels required:

    • Raising a Safeguarding Concern – which incorporates Safeguarding Threshold Risk Assessment Guidance training;
    • Multi-Agency Roles during the Safeguarding Process – also incorporates Safeguarding Threshold Risk Assessment Guidance training and which is of great benefit to staff who liaise with colleagues in other agencies and promotes understanding of the roles of partners;
    • Mental Capacity Act Awareness and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Training;
    • How to Assess Mental Capacity training.

    There are also three e-learning (online) awareness-raising courses:

    • Safeguarding Adults Awareness
    • Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
    • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

    Each partner agency has agreed to ensure that all Safeguarding Adults training to staff in their agency is provided in accordance with the requirements as set out by the Multi-Agency Training Strategy.  Agencies are strongly encouraged to take up the Multi-Agency Training offer, or make alternative arrangements 'in-house' to train their staff to a sufficient standard around safeguarding adults issues. 

    It is the responsibility of each partner agency or organisation, to nominate staff for the multi-agency training and to record attendance (whether multi-agency or in-house training), within their own systems of supervision or staff development.

    Regular programmes of training are made available throughout the year.  For details of available dates, or to register for a course, contact Learning & Skills North East, who administer the training programme on behalf of the Board.